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Tama-High:Yukina Mai by brenna989 Tama-High:Yukina Mai by brenna989
{ N a m e }
Yukina Mai "MAYU"
{ A g e }
15 years old
{ C l a s s }
First Year
{ C l u b / S p o r t / C o m m i t t e e}
{ S u b j e c t }
{ H e i g h t }
{ W e i g h t }
{ P e r s o n a l i t y }
[ Confident | Energetic ]
On the positive side of the battery, Mayu can get pretty confident about herself especially when she knew that she can do something. Even if a certain task was something she can never successfully do, there's no stopping the energized bunny on finishing it. It even seemed like her bosy was charged by a battery. "I can do this!", she would say. Becoming too bold though leads to embarassment, which occurs quite often. But being a part-time optimist, positive thoughts overwhelmes her naive mind.

[ Sarcastic | Talkative ]
There are times when maturity must be done. Mostly at the opposite pole of her positive. She can sound wise by being sarcastic and pointing out the obvious. Most of the time, in an "Obviously" tone. She never hesitates saying what she have in mind, which leads to enemies. At times, she only uses it to make someone laugh if she can. There are times when she only talks and talks nonstop. She won't stop blabbering the most pointless things anyone can think of. Well, "sharing is caring".
{ L i k e s / D i s l i k e s}

Mean people
Chinese food

{ H i s t o r y }
Mai wasn't a rich child, nor a poor one. But because of her childhood, she believed she was poor enough to have her parents work abroad. Her parents and her older brother went abroad when she was only around the age of six, for work and study purposes. They left Mai under the care of her grandmother who was still strong despite the age. Her grandmother used to sing lullabies to her, while she would dance. A child like we would only dance for fun and to impress her grandmother, to make her smile. She danced the most simplest dances one can think of, like the chicken dance she liked the most until now. Just to make her grandmother laugh, she unconsciously mimicked the dancers she would see, knowing she can do it even if she would stumble.

Mai, then, entered a public school for elementary and middle school. She studied and always saved her allowances for, what she believed, her studies. It was all she could think about since she dreamed to finish her collage and work as a teacher. Music teacher to be specific. She wanted to teach children and give them knowledge about music.

Entering middle school, Mai developed her singing from every night's soft lullabies. Her grandmother was getting old and weak to even sing for her, so as a gratitude for taking care of her, it was her turn. Her mother came back for her. She quit her job abroad and worked here instead, which was a good thing since her grandmother needed more support. Mai can't take care of her grandmother on her own, since she's still a naive child. It was great, but Mia was scared for her grandmother.

Before Mai turned 15 her grandmother had died,she cried herself to sleep at times but now she's old enough to understand that her grandmother wanted her to become a confident woman.So Mai decided to go to Tama High as a get away for following her dreams,she didn't know that the school had a gang....let alone a Donut gang.She has nothing against them but she doesn't want them getting in her way.
{ A d d i t i o n a l I n f o }
[ Bunny ]
Like a child, she carries her bunny, named as Mr. Carrot, wherever she goes. It became a habit to Mayu to carry it around since it relaxes her like a tea does. There are even times when she is seen talking to the bunny. Designed with red buttons as eyes, a zipper on it's body, white body with pink paws and black collar serves as it's clothes.

[ Sweets ]
Never give her anything too sweet, but slight ones are just fine. She gets too hyper whenever she eats one, as if she drank ten cups of coffee in the morning. That is if you don't want to be annoyed by the hyper Mayu.

[ Instruments ]
Even if she already knew how to play guitar, she still aims to learn more like drums, violin, bass, etc. Mayu wanted to be capable of anything, be a perfect person. So, she thought that a "one girl band" would help the company raise up. An actual perfectionist
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Rurumii Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everything looks great on the app ; u ; But there are a few things that need to be fixed I think.
She needs likes and dislikes. At least four of each;;
The app says she is 16 but she's in the first year class so does that mean she was held back?
Also the part in her personality about her being both a pessimist and optimist is a bit confusing if you could edit that to make it more understandable. ; u ;
brenna989 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
Alright I fixed everything!
Rurumii Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright everything looks good
but in the bio it still says she is 16 so you might want to edit that o u ob

Anyway Welcome to Tama:iconsparklesplz:
Remember to submit your app in to the correct folder. u v u
brenna989 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Oh crap I forgot about my bio,I'll change that now!
And thanks I'm excited to start roleplaying
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